Visit VTS: Exhibitors Share Booth Highlights

Visit VTS: Exhibitors Share Booth Highlights

Virtual Trade Show

The 2021 Virtual Trade Show (VTS) for natural refrigerants officially started at 10am CEST on 30 March and for the next 24 hours, visitors can interact with the 35 exhibitors in a number of ways. What are the not-to-be-missed exhibitor highlights?

Our expert team of journalists are at the show to speak directly to exhibitors and help participants navigate the exhibition. The latest updates will be added at the top.


U.S.-based Tecumseh, in Hall M-Z, offers not only R290 compressors for plug-in cabinets but full lineups of indoor/outdoor condensing units, unit coolers, complete refrigeration systems and value-added platforms.

Frick, in Hall D-L, offers compressor packages, controls, complete packaged systems, low-charge central systems, pressure vessels, hygienic air units, evaporators, condensers and heat exchangers. For a look at its low-charge ammonia central system, click here

in the premium hall, has a wide array of ammonia products, including water-condensed ammonia chillers, air-condensed ammonia chillers, water-ammonia absorption chillers, and ammonia abatement systems, as well as icy water chillers and heat pumps.

n both D-L, is known for its ammonia safety standards. But the US trade group has been working for the past few years on a CO2 safety standard as well. 

C&C Industrial
, in Hall A-C, is a U.S. contractor that provides services throughout the United States as well as supporting many International customers as well. C&C services existing equipment and provides construction and service on new systems. Its newest division added in early 2021 is the Industrial Recovery division, specializing in anhydrous ammonia pump outs.

Carnot, in Hall A-C, pioneered the use of CO2 transcritical refrigeration in North America for commercial and industrial applications including data centers, food processing facilities, cold-storage warehouses, supermarkets, ice rinks, and several other industrial applications.

Isotherm (Hall D-L) is discussing its ammonia skid that is changing the Pakastani fishing industry: 

At its booth in Hall A-C, CTI is promoting its Ammonia detection systems. CTI’s sensors are designed to prevent false alarms, and are made to thrive in the extreme conditions found in industrial environments.

At its booth in hall D-L, Danfoss is showing its wide portfolio of natural refrigerant solutions and some of its offerings, including CO2, R290 and water loop systems and applications.

 (Hall A-C) is highlighting their PowerCO2OL system for high-capacity refrigeration this year at VTS. This solution demonstrates that CO2 is a sustainable and efficient solution for refrigeration up to 5MW. Find out more by visiting their booth and chatting to one of their experts online.

Visit the Novum booth (Hall M-Z) to find out more about their self-contained propane solution for supermarkets. They say it is one of the most energy efficient freezers of its type on the global market, extremely easy to install and very low maintenance. Retailers can now replace leaky low-temp equipment with ease and be comforted by the fact that they will save money in the process, with a very short payback period.

US Manufacturer Modine is presenting its natref ECO Heat Transfer coolers, for CO2 in particular. Modine’s booth visitors so far are asking for higher capacity and lower charge products, and especially products that can be equipped with new electronic controls and valves. The focus amongst customers is on long term solutions. “In these times the confusion about refrigerants and rules are troubling those who have to invest both for retrofitting and new systems,” said Christian Michelin from Modine. You can find Christian and his colleagues at Modine’s booth in the M-Z Hall.

Eliwell is presenting its digital solutions for natrefs during VTS, including the Domino Zero solution and IDNext. If you head to their booth, they can give you a virtual tour of the Innovation Hub at Eliwell HQ in Italy. I you are interested in training, Eliwell is also keen to show you its Digital Academy for natrefs. 

Panasonic, in the Premium Exhibit Hall, offers CO2 refrigeration gas coolers for small- to-medium applications. “We have three different units that can be either medium- or low-temperature and can be paired with both evaporators and display cabinets,” said Laura Fleming, Key Account Manager, U.K., for Panasonic. “In the Information section of our booth, we have a brochure that you can add to your briefcase.”

 is launching their “star” SLVE18CN propane compressor at VTS 2021. Go have a look in Expo Hall: M-Z. Also look out for their dedicated ULT compressors for medical and lab applications on display.While you’re at the booth, make sure to catch their webinars on their R290 & VSD Solutions, at 14:00, 17:00, and 04:00 CEST.

Premium exhibitor Alfa Laval has brought several new innovative products to VTS this year. Among them is the CB24, a condenser with minimal refrigerant charge and a finalist for the Innovation of the Year Award. If you are keen to know more about the CB24, and other new innovations from Alfa Laval, head over to their booth in the Premium exhibitor Hall.

Vahterus is putting on an extensive schedule of presentations at their VTS booth, including a session in French about the French market. For their products, Vahterus is keen to promote both sustainability and safety with its fully welded heat exchanger. Visitors to Vahterus’ booth are interested in knowing more about life time costs and safety, and easy integration into existing systems. One of the most frequently asked questions is about low maintenance costs. 

Make sure to stop by the Saginomiya booth in Expo Hall: M-Z. The displayed products in their brochures include their UKV-S expansion valves and CKB pressure switches, which they consider “must-see”.The UKV-S expansion valve is an improved design of an electronic expansion valve but with more compact construction and increased maximum opening pressure differential. Their CKB pressure switches are adjustable with narrow differential and high accuracy, specially designed for CO2 units.

VTS Premium exhibitor Officine Mario Dorin Spa has brought its CD600 range of CO2 compressors to #ATMO_VTS. CD600 are for “truly cost-effective” solutions for larger industrial applications with capacities up to 100hp. The CD600s are commercially available from Q2 this year.Early visitors to Dorin’s booth have been keen to know more about CO2 technology and how its efficiency compares to other refrigerants. “CO2 parallel compressors and ejectors are no longer a prototype technology. This is a daily business for us and our compressors.” said Giacomo Pisano, Sales Manager, Dorin

Visit the Cold Chain Innovation Hub (CCI-Hub) in Hall A-C to engage with project partners and find out more about the latest project developments and exciting new plans for 2021. On the booth, you will find live representatives from the CCI-Hub, as well as project partner United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) during APAC business hours.

(Hall A-C) is a market leading supplier of fixed and portable refrigerant leak detection solutions, including hardware and refrigerant management software. They offer a wide range of solutions for all natural refrigerants such as CO2, NH3 & R290, plus comprehensive range of other refrigerants. A key aspect of their offering is the breadth of refrigerants they can detect.

 is the European association of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) contractors. Everybody, especially technicians, are welcome to come to their booth and learn about best practice in installation, maintenance and training in the sector. A highlight of their booth is a proposal for training and certification for the new EU F-Gas Regulation. Don’t miss the chance to visit them in Hall A-C!

#ATMO_VTS is well underway. Premium exhibitor TEKO Refrigeration has gone all in, and is offering booths for retail, light industrial, industrial, Wurm control products, and a video link to a real booth back at Teko HQ. Teko has new CO2 chillers on display that are ready for sale and they are keen to show the world that they also do hydrocarbon chillers, a product the company sees as having a lot of potential.

What are your highlights?

Have you seen anything exciting at the show? Share it in the lounge on the VTS platform or send us a message in the #virtual_trade_show channel on ATMOsphere. (Haven’t registered yet for our virtual ATMOsphere network? Apply now.)

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