Ammonia Specialist J&E Hall Expands U.K. Distribution Network

Ammonia Specialist J&E Hall Expands U.K. Distribution Network

J&E Hall has made a distribution deal with TF Solutions.
J&E Hall has made a distribution deal with TF Solutions.

British manufacturer J&E Hall is expanding its U.K. distribution network for commercial condensing units, adding TF Solutions to its existing list, which also includes AFR Refrigeration, FSW and Thermofrost Cryo. 

J&E Hall, which is a part of the Daikin group, manufactures a number of refrigeration products, including the HallScrew single-screw compressor, which is at the “heart” of the company’s ammonia products range.

The addition of TF Solutions was a “natural progression,” according to Paul McDermott, UK Sales Manager for J&E Hall. “We have had a well-established U.K. distributor network for over 15 years for our commercial condensing units, which are at the forefront of the market.”

“TF Solutions are a current distributor of our cellar coolers and becoming commercial condensing unit distributors was a natural progression. They will help to bring new opportunities as well as support our existing distributor network,” McDermott said. “Like our other distributors TF Solutions will stock our commercial condensing units for U.K. installers and contractors.”

In addition to the HallScrew single-screw ammonia compressor, J&E Hall manufactures compressor packs and the Aquachill low-charge ammonia chillers.

The company is also a firm believer in natural refrigerant heat pumps and is keen to stress their importance in the journey towards net-zero due to their ability to utilize waste heat. 

“People are starting to understand now that we can’t just waste the heat that we’ve got,” said Graham McDermott, Director of Process, Marine and Applied Refrigeration at J&E Hall during a presentation at the 2021 ATMOsphere Europe conference. “When you can take the waste heat from a chiller and use it with a heat pump, instead of a gas boiler, and increase the combined system COP from 1.25 to 6 … that is a no brainer.”

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