U.K. Retailer ASDA Saves 35% in Energy With Controller Software from Star Refrigeration

U.K. Retailer ASDA Saves 35% in Energy With Controller Software from Star Refrigeration

Star Ref ASDA ethos energy saving controller software

U.K. retailer ASDA has saved nearly 4.7 million kWh and 1,093 metric tons of CO2e emissions since 2017 by installing Star Refrigeration’s Ethos controller software to optimize the operation of the refrigeration systems in six of its distribution centers, which are all cooled by ammonia/NH3 (R717) or ammonia-CO2 (R744).

ASDA has worked to reduce its carbon footprint since 2010, also by installing LED lighting, and it has managed to reduce its energy consumption by 35%. Together with Star Data Analytics (SDA) and City Facilities Management (CFM), ASDA is now monitoring all its cooling systems’ energy performance data  24/7, with the Ethos software making recommendations for optimization, Star explained in a case study on its website.

“The benefit of the Ethos controller software could be compared to having an MRI scan instead of an X-ray. It can see so much more and provides targeted energy-reduction advice, which is data-backed,” said Star Data Analytics Business manager Anne Flanagan. “Additionally, Ethos can help maintenance teams by confirming or identifying the requirement to take action and will also capture the resultant energy saving.”

ASDA has a total of nine distribution centers in the UK. Five of these use ammonia refrigeration, and the remaining four are cooled with ammonia-CO2 cascade systems, Flanagan said. All systems have been manufactured by Star.

“We have made tangible reductions in energy use throughout our chilled depots whilst continuing to run our business as usual with no disruption and have not decreased our capacity requirements, resulting in reduced operational costs improving like-for-like profit margins,” said Brian Churchyard, Building Model, Engineering, Energy & Innovation Senior Manager for ASDA. 

As part of its collaboration with SDA and CFM, ASDA has also initiated a program of planned preventive maintenance that “delivers maximum asset life, safety, reliability and performance,” Star said. The program is called StarCare, a service provided by Star Refrigeration for all its refrigeration systems.

ASDA has a long history in U.K. food retail and installed its first self-service supermarket in 1963. The company built its first chilled distribution center in 1984.

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