New Zealand training organisation launches ammonia guide

New Zealand training organisation launches ammonia guide

Gauge Refrigeration Managemen

Yesterday, New Zealand-based safety training organization Gauge Refrigeration Management Ltd. announced it has finished its new ammonia refrigeration safety guide.

“The first edition of the safety guide for ammonia refrigeration in New Zealand is finally finished after months of solitary confinement,” Padraic Durham of Gauge Refrigeration Management, and author of the guide, wrote on LinkedIn

Gauge Refrigeration Management regularly conducts safety training for businesses using natural refrigerant systems throughout New Zealand.

Gauge Refrigeration Management also has an online course focused on ammonia-based refrigeration systems that is targeted towards site workers, contractors and visitors. Durham, said in February, that Gauge plans to expand this to other natural refrigerants as well. 

Its next in person ammonia safety course will take place on September 19 in Auckland.

The safety course is a joint collaboration between Gauge Refrigeration Management and Glenville Stiles, Emergency Management Advisor for New Zealand Mines Rescue. Stiles has been extensively involved in emergency management in the mining industry for the 10 years.

“This highly informative and hands on ammonia safety event is an absolute must for anyone that has anhydrous ammonia on their critical risk register”, Durham explained in a press release. “Anyone who works or is in control of an area where ammonia is utilised should not miss this rare opportunity to gain specialised knowledge.”

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The Safety Guide for Ammonia Refrigeration in New Zealand will now be proofread and peer-reviewed before being published, according to Durham, and will be available soon to interested parties

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