NAVAC Launches Corrosion-Resistant Ammonia Vacuum Pump

NAVAC Launches Corrosion-Resistant Ammonia Vacuum Pump

NAVAC Vacuum Pump

U.S. vacuum pump manufacturer NAVAC has launched a new ammonia (NH3) vacuum pump boasting a 12cfm flow rate and corrosion resistance. 

The company, based in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, stressed that the new pump’s corrosion resistance gives it a longer life-span, and helps the industry move away from the habit of considering ammonia vacuum pumps as “disposable” tools.

“By insulating critical components from the harmful effects of ammonia-based refrigerant, our new ammonia vacuum pump aligns with NAVAC’s larger goal of making technicians’ jobs easier and more efficient, in this case through enhanced equipment lifespan and reliability,” said Stephen Rutherford, VP of HVAC Tools Business for NAVAC. 

“The ammonia vacuum pump also has a sustainability element to it, since tools that must be replaced frequently are inherently less eco-friendly than those, like the new pump, that can be used for extended time periods,” Rutherford added. 

The NP12DA1 pump features a brushless DC motor, enabling it to offer “peak efficiency while yielding a superior starting performance under low starting amperage, and soft-starting down to 30°F (-1.1°C).”

The dual-stage rotary vane pump also comes with a twin cylinder functionality giving it an ultimate vacuum down to 5 microns. 

NAVAC is a global manufacturer specializing in industrial vacuum solutions and HVAC&R tools. Its product catalogue includes chargers, gauges and detectors. The company focuses on “accurate,” “simple” and user-friendly solutions.

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