GEA Offers New Remote Support During Pandemic

GEA Offers New Remote Support During Pandemic


In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the need to avoid travel and physical contact, German manufacturer GEA has introduced a special remote supportsolution for its customers that provides real-time video communication to GEA technical experts.

The system, called GEA Remote Support, enables immediate customer assistance “without putting people’s lives at risk,” said GEA in a statement. Customers can use their mobile device to initiate a session with a GEA expertby receiving a short email or SMS containing a secure link. This is followed bya video conversation with the option to exchange high-resolution imagery, takeand share notes, as well as send descriptions and instructions via a chatfunction. “All of this is possible without the customer having to install a newapplication,” said GEA.

The remote support solution is based on existing GEA Eye Wear technology, which also helps customers with machine maintenance. The glasses include an integrated high-resolution camera and microphone that allows hands-free remote support. By projecting images onto the GEA Remote Eye Wear screen,the user is free to carry out repairs, process optimizations or inspections.

GEA Remote Eye Wear is available as part of the GEA Service LevelAgreement (SLA); however, customers will soon be able to purchase a stand-alone unit as part of a premium service package. For GEA customers whorequire assistance, their nearest GEA branch can be found here.

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