GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies Joins as Gold Partner

GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies Joins as Gold Partner

GEA heat pump

German manufacturer GEA Group’s Heating & Refrigeration Technologies division has joined as a gold partner.

GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies manufactures ammonia/NH3 (R717) compressors, and develops heat pumps and refrigeration solutions based on ammonia technology.

In October 2021, GEA launched the RedGenium ammonia heat pump, which is capable of delivering 95°C (203°F) heat, and suitable for industrial applications and district heating. The heat pump’s Grasso HXP reciprocating compressor, to be commercially available in 2022, has double the capacity of its predecessor models.

To help introduce the RedGenium and its features, GEA is hosting a webinar on November 30 with Thomas Legenmüller, GEA’s Product Manager for Heat Pumps, and Pieter Makkinga, Manager for Product Management.


Heat pumps is are an area with increased focus for GEA. In October, the company rebranded its Refrigeration Technologies division as GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies, stressing the integration of heat pump and cooling technologies to save energy.

In its announcement, GEA noted that in applications such as food-, beverage- and dairy -processing, products are usually heated up and then refrigerated. In these scenarios, GEA’s heat pumps can reuse waste heat from refrigeration processes in the production process, thus cutting energy consumption.

Ammonia refrigeration

GEA is also continuing to develop its ammonia refrigeration technology, and installimplement it in new areas. Fortune Dairy, located in Pune in, western India, has chosen a new ammonia system from GEA, saving 15 to 20% in energy consumption, and 20% of the total ownership cost, in the process.

Fortune’s system, based on GEA Grasso M series compressors, consists of two racks with a combined capacity of 250TR (879kW), and is used to chill milk. It was commissioned in March 2020 and has been operating without any issues since, GEA said.

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