Evapco, Ti Cold to Discuss Low-Charge Ammonia Systems in Cold Storage at ATMO America

Evapco, Ti Cold to Discuss Low-Charge Ammonia Systems in Cold Storage at ATMO America

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ATMO America 2022 will include several session focused on ammonia applications.

U.S. OEM Evapco and cold-storage builder Ti Cold will discuss low-charge ammonia/NH3 (R717) packaged refrigeration systems in the cold-storage industry at the ATMO America Summit on natural refrigerants in June.

Together with Rob Adams, Partner with Ti Cold, Evapco’s Vice President Kurt Liebendorfer will share information about the application of packaged low-charge systems in two new cold-storage and food processing facilities. 

ATMO America Summit 2022 is taking place at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington, DC, on June 7–-8. The 11th edition of ATMO America will gather key industry experts, policy makers, end users and contractors to learn about the very latest developments in natural refrigerants-based solutions. ATMO America is organized by ATMOsphere (formerly shecco), publisher of Ammonia21.com.

You can register for the event here, and find the program here.

Liebendorfer and Adams, will present two case studies from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (U.S.), and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, detailing how low-charge ammonia refrigeration technologies were applied along with the latest building design, material handling technologies and best practices in food safety. Both projects were design-built in parallel construction schedules, starting in 2020 and substantially completed in 2021. Liebendorfer will also comment on trends in ammonia refrigeration in the market trends panel discussion.

Ti Cold is an industrial cold storage builder and developer that utilizes “advanced technology solutions to create energy-efficient buildings,” the company said. It provides a full range of cold services, including master site planning and operations guidance.

In addition to Evapco and Ti Cold, ATMO America will feature a full program of natural refrigerant presentations, including those covering CO2 (R744) and hydrocarbon applications, as well as networking opportunities. The program features end user and market trend panels and several sessions of case studies for both refrigeration and HVAC.

Another ammonia-related presentation, in the HVAC and heat pump session, will be given by Benoit Rodier, Director of Business Development for CIMCO; he will describe an ammonia heat pump used for a district energy system in Canada. Other speakers who will cover ammonia and other natural refrigerants include end-user keynote speaker Aer Teale, Director of Engineering, Lineage Logistics, and Stefan Elbel, CEO, Creative Thermal Solutions, who will examine technology trends.

Other notable speakers include:

  • Fritz Troller, CEO and Co-Founder of Therm, who will discuss refrigerant carbon credits as a means to pay for the higher capital costs associated with natural refrigerant equipment.
  • Policy panel with Nancy Skinner, State Senator SD9,  State of California, who will discuss her new bill supporting natural refrigerant equipment; and Avipsa Mahapatra, Climate Campaign Lead, EIA, who will survey the latest trends in hydrocarbon charge standards for air conditioners and commercial refrigeration.
  • The Impact of Refrigerants: Health, Safety and Climate panel, with Lydia Jahl, Science & Policy Associate, Green Science Policy Institute; and David Berhinger, Project Manager, Öko-Recherche. They will address the importance of defining PFAS (“forever chemicals”) to include certain f-gases and TFA (trifluoroacetic acid), a byproduct of HFO-1234yf.

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