Colmac Coil Provides U.S. Meat Processing Facility with Hygienic Ammonia Evaporators

Colmac Coil Provides U.S. Meat Processing Facility with Hygienic Ammonia Evaporators

Colmac Coil's A+M air coolers

U.S.-based Colmac Coil Manufacturing, known for its ADX low-charge ammonia (R717) evaporator, has provided a Midwest meat processing facility with several of its A+Series A+M industrial air coolers (evaporators), customized with a hygienic design for an ammonia refrigeration project.

“[The units come] complete with epoxy coated fins that are over 300% more resistant to corrosion than standard aluminum fins, hygienic finished and polished level 3 welds, stainless steel tubes and housing, fully insulated stainless steel drain pans, and energy efficient EC [electronically commutated] fan motors with built-in fan speed control,” Colmac said in a LinkedIn post.

The evaporators, installed in 2022, supply a cooling coil outlet air temperature of 38°F (3.3°C) to maintain room temperature at 40‒45°F (4.4‒7.2°C), said Joseph Schweitzer, Marketing Coordinator at Colmac, in response to an inquiry.

The A+M air coolers at the facility use hot gas defrost, providing an “effective and fast” defrost cycle. “Colmac Coil’s trapped outlet design ensures that condensed, liquid refrigerant is carried out of the pan, providing fast, complete, and uniform heating of the drain pan during defrost,” the company explained.

According to Schweitzer, since the introduction of the A+Series in November 2012, the company has completed well over 2,000 installations of the industrial air cooler product line, which include its A+B, A+C, A+D, A+L, A+M, A+P, A+R and A+S models. “Colmac Coil continues to add new capabilities and configurations, including roof-mounted penthouse air coolers, ceiling-hung air units, large capacity blast freezers and more,” he said.

“Compared to previously available designs, the [A+Series] product line offers unsurpassed levels of energy efficiency, reliability, worker safety and food safety,” Colmac says on its website. The company offers hygienic, corrosion resistant and anti-microbial construction evaporator options.

“Colmac Coil A+Series offer customized configurations and options that allow [clients] to optimize the design based on [their] most important criteria, including hygienic requirements,” the company said in the LinkedIn post.

Established in 1971, Colmac manufactures refrigeration evaporators, dry coolers and condensers, heating and cooling coils, heat pipes for heat recovery and hygienic air handlers. The company has manufacturing facilities in Washington State and Illinois.

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