BAC Updates Hybrid Cooler with Enhanced Water Management

BAC Updates Hybrid Cooler with Enhanced Water Management

Baltimore Aircoil Cooler

U.S.-based Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) has launched an updated version of its Nexus Modular Hybrid Cooler, with enhanced water management and an optional water disinfection system.

The Nexus is an “intelligent” plug-and-play hybrid fluid cooler for HVAC and light industrial refrigeration applications. The cooler is suitable for both CO2 (R744) and ammonia (R717/NH3) systems, and offers up to 50% water savings and 40% energy savings, BAC said in a statement.

In addition to “lowest installation costs, lowest operating costs, lowest maintenance costs, and maximum uptime, the Nexus now provides best water quality resulting from enhanced water management,” BAC said. 

The new optional and fully-integrated UV water disinfection system minimizes bacterial growth and delivers “the best water quality and enhancing health and safety, all without changing the unit’s footprint,” BAC explained.

The updated Nexus has also been re-designed to “meet even the most stringent local building codes regarding fire safety and noise reduction,” the company said, adding that the units’ “simplified system design delivers a 15% reduction in system costs compared with traditional fluid coolers.”

The original Nexus was designed to minimize maintenance costs by reducing spray water volume by up to 60%, and by allowing accessibility to all components at the front of the unit.

Both the original and the updated Nexus units can operate in three different modes: fully evaporative; dry mode when temperature and climate allow; or a balanced “Nexus” mode, according to according to environmental conditions, operating priorities and cooling demands.

The hybrid cooler units are built with corrosion-resistant materials. This reduces the need for maintenance, while fan and motor redundancy reduce unplanned downtime. In addition to this, there is no need for permanent ladders or elevated platforms to perform routine maintenance. This makes the Nexus “safer overall than competing products,” BAC stated.

Read more about the Nexus here.

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