ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2022 Announces Ammonia Case Studies

ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2022 Announces Ammonia Case Studies

ATMOsphere Europe 2022 will feature Ammonia case studies.

ATMOsphere, publisher of, has announced three ammonia/NH3 (R717) refrigeration case studies for the upcoming ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit 2022, taking place in person in Brussels, Belgium, on November 15–16.

This year’s summit, the 12th edition of ATMO Europe, will be held at the Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre in the Brussels city center.

In addition to presenting industry case studies, the two-day program will cover policy developments – particularly the EU F-gas Regulation and the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation of PFAS – market updates, end-user experiences, the health and environmental impact of f-gas refrigerants, training and more. There will also be networking drinks on the evening of November 15.

Those interested in attending the summit can register for tickets here.

Best-practice examples

German manufacturer AKM Industrieanlagen will present a refrigeration case study on using ammonia absorption chillers in the food industry. Massimiliano Santini, International Business Development Specialist at AKM, will describe how an absorption chiller contributed to energy and carbon-emissions reduction at a pork processing facility in Germany.

Denmark-based HB Products will look at energy saving through vapor quality control. Henrik Kudsk, Product Manager at HB Products, will explain a Romanian cold storage facility’s ammonia refrigeration system with a 250kW (71TR) cooling capacity at -28°C (-18.4°F), designed for DX with air-cooled evaporators. The facility lowered its system’s superheat and reduced its energy consumption by 43% thanks to vapor quality control.

Zudek, an Italian chiller manufacturer and Natural Refrigerants Label holder, will share insights into a low-charge ammonia installation. Ivan Zudek, Partner at Zudek, and Sarah Van Erdeweghe, Energy Efficiency Engineer at Equans, will present a new industrial pharmaceutical installation in Belgium, sharing numbers on emission reductions and energy savings.

CO2 case studies have also been announced for the event.

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