Ammonia Case Studies to Be Presented at ATMO Europe

Ammonia Case Studies to Be Presented at ATMO Europe

ATMO Europe

Two case studies involving the use of ammonia (R717) in industrial applications will be presented by industry-leading companies at the ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit 2023 on natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R.

This 13th annual edition of the conference will be held Tuesday, September 19, and Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at the Hotel Le Plaza Brussels in Belgium. The event, addressing applications of the natural refrigerants CO2 (R744), hydrocarbons and ammonia (R717), is organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of

You can register for the event here and find the program and other information on the event website. End users can register for free. Contractors/installers of HVAC&R systems are eligible to receive one free ticket per organization, with a discount from the regular price on additional tickets.

The two R717 case studies include the following:

  • Ivan ZudekPartnerItalian manufacturer Zudek, and Mahmud Rahman, Head of Energy & Environment, U.K.dairy producer Müller, will present on an ammonia air-cooled chiller with free cooling integration for Muller’s facility in Scotland.
  • Michael Bantle, CTO, Norwegian renewables provider Aneo Industry, will discuss a high-efficiency GEA ammonia heat pump for steam generation with 100K temperature lift.

There will also be a number of case studies on CO2 (R744) in refrigeration and heat pumps and three case studies involving the use of propane (R290) in commercial cabinets.

Other sessions at ATMO Europe 2023 include:

  • Transport Market Trends, with Creative Thermal Solutions
  • Commercialization of Natural Refrigerant Heat Pumps, with Fenagy, GEA, TripleAqua and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
  • Field experiences with natural refrigerants(hydrocarbons and CO2) in transport refrigeration
  • Training Panel, with Danish Technological Institute (DTI), AREA and Beijer Ref Academy
  • Keynotes, End-User Panel, EU F-Gas Policy Panel and PFAS Workshop

At a special ceremony on the first day, ATMO Awards/Europe will be presented to a retailer and an industrial end user, and attendees will vote on the Innovation of the Year award for refrigeration and heat pump products. A Person of the Year will also be named.

Gold sponsors of ATMO Europe 2023 are Sanhua, Teko, Energy Recovery and Copeland.

Presentations from last year’s ATMO Europe can be found here.

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