Heat Pumps

R717 and R744 vapour compressor heat pumps have best performance in comparative study

At the 2014 Gustav Lorentzen conference in Hangzhou, China, a comparative study was presented examining the applicability of five single stage vapour compression heat pumps (VCHP) using the refrigerants R134a, R290, R717LP, R717HP and R744. The study considers operational and economic constraints such as refrigeration equipment availability and positive Net Present Value of Investment. It concludes that the LP R717, HP R717 and transcritical R744 heat pumps are advantageous when considering the

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Low Charge Ammonia

Expanding ammonia’s application range through low charge systems

ammonia21.com reporters attended a series of presentations on low charge ammonia refrigeration systems during the Nashville IIAR research panels. Presentations from Creative Thermal Solutions, Azane and Mayekawa highlighted new opportunities for expanding ammonia’s application range, thanks to the changing legislative environment. However, a change in perception is necessary for this to become reality, which could be achieved thanks to lower charge systems.

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Ali Sleiman

Ammonia in the Middle East: Authorities need to know that public safety is not compromised

A project team working on an ammonia based indoor ski resort in Dubai resorted to self-regulation in order to prove to the local authorities that public safety would not be compromised. Mr Ali Sleiman, Director of engineering services company EN3 – The Three Factors Company, shares his experience from this project and discusses the suitability of ammonia in district cooling in the Middle East.

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Three energy saving measures for the NH3 system of a pork facility

A pork processing plant in Minnesota, US has implemented three energy saving measures to its ammonia refrigeration system that cut annual electricity use by 4.35 million kWh. Measures included the addition of two evaporative condensers, new condenser controls and the installation of a dedicated bank of condensers to cool the compressor oil through natural convection rather than with a mechanical pump.

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