Nitto’s Ammonia Detection Tape

Nitto’s ammonia detection tape allows for the visual detection of ammonia gas by turning from white to blue when in contact with ammonia gas.

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Nitto’s detection tapes are designed to improve safety by finding gas leaks before they become a hazard. Nitto’s products are easy to use and easy to read, so you can always be ready for unexpected leaks.


See the Leak: Tape quickly changes color, from white to blue (depending on the percentage of ammonia).
Safety: Provides an additional safety net for detecting gas leaks and improves detection time by making it easier to find intermittent leaks.
Long-Lasting Change: Tape will not immediately return to its original color even when the flow of ammonia gas has stopped.
Easy to Use: Applies as easily as regular pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.
Environmentally Resistant: Can be used in most indoor and outdoor environments

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