UniSAB 4

The new generation of the Sabroe integrated systems controller for refrigeration compressors, chillers, and heat pumps. The cost of downtime is one of the biggest threats companies face today. The UniSAB 4 from the Sabroe product range is tailor-made to solve this issue by providing reliable uptime and energy efficiency.

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  • UniSAB 4’s monitoring, control, and diagnostic capabilities combined into one compact unit
  • 10.1” colour touch screen as user interface
  • Footprint and plug system as with UniSAB III
  • Powerful hardware with more inputs and outputs
  • Secure IoT connectivity
  • Mobile-friendly responsive web pages as user screens
  • Supports any industrial refrigeration and industrial heat pump application


  • Reduces cost of controls and system integration
  • Minimises service time and cost
  • Quick and easy retrofit from UniSAB III to UniSAB 4
  • Providing the flexibility required to meet the increasing demand for sensors and system integration
  • Allows integration with cloud technologies
  • Allows remote monitoring from handheld devices
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively, It gives the equipment a secure, long life with the highest possible uptime and lowest possible cost of operation.

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