Frick IPAC-S

The Frick Screw compressor based North American Inline Packaged Ammonia Chiller provides many outstanding benefits whenever indirect cooling, future-compatible natural refrigerants, and life cycle cost are important. The IPAC-S chiller series features a proprietary shell-and-plate evaporator design with a built-in liquid separator and a proprietary shell-and-plate condenser design that includes a high-pressure float expansion valve system. The fully welded plate heat exchangers and integrated components make compact IPAC-S an all-around EASY space-saving ammonia chiller solution.

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There are 12 different models in the standard Frick IPAC-S chiller series, with capacities ranging from 21 TR to 615 TR.

Benefits of the Frick IPAC-S Chiller include:​

  • Factory assembled package​
  • Lower ammonia chiller cost​
  • Exceptional compact design that results in 30% less footprint than traditional industrial ammonia chillers​
  • Major savings on both weight and space​
  • Lower installation cost​
  • Frick brand reliability​
  • Ease of installation, commissioning, maintenance, and service​
  • Critically charged flooded evaporating system, using only ammonia (R717)​
  • As much as 80% less refrigerant charge compared to traditional ammonia chillers​
  • Greater safety​
  • Exceptional COP​
  • Outstanding part-load performance​
  • Greater cooling effect despite a smaller refrigerant charge​
  • Optimum load structure over the entire capacity range​
  • Higher output per lb of ammonia charge



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