Johnson Controls Launches Innovation Center in Ireland

Johnson Controls Launches Innovation Center in Ireland

Johnson Controls' OpenBlue Innovation Center in Cork, Ireland.

Johnson Controls (JCI) has opened an innovation center at its global headquarters in Cork, Ireland. With funding from the Irish government through IDA Ireland, the OpenBlue Innovation Center will drive R&D into cutting-edge sustainable solutions to create a future-proof built environment, according to a recent statement.

JCI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating and cooling products based on natural refrigerants, such as ammonia/NH3 (R717)-based heat pumps. It offers a variety of products and services that optimize energy use and improve comfort and security.

Launched on May 12, the center will focus on developing next-generation technology and solutions, such as OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings, aiming to reduce the building sector’s carbon emissions through improvements in energy efficiency. According to JCI, the sector is a key focus in the race to zero because it’s responsible for around 40% of global annual carbon dioxide emissions. 

“We are very pleased to be launching our OpenBlue Innovation Center in Cork,” said Tomas Brannemo, Vice President and President, Building Solutions Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America (EMEALA)  at Johnson Controls. “This center will be focused on working with our customers to identify solutions for them to hit decarbonization and renewable energy goals while optimizing building performance.”

The center in Ireland is the latest addition to JCI’s international network of OpenBlue Innovation Centers, with seven other hubs located in China, Costa Rica, India, Singapore and the United States. It will be fitted with the “most advanced” JCI building technology, demonstrating the company’s solutions, like its OpenBlue Connected Chillers, in a live environment.

“This center will serve as our regional center of excellence to bring clients to see Johnson Controls’ latest cutting-edge innovations on how to solve for net zero,” said Brannemo.

“This center will serve as our regional center of excellence to bring clients to see Johnson Controls’ latest cutting-edge innovations on how to solve for net zero,.”

Tomas Brannemo, Johnson Controls

According to JCI, the R&D grant from the Irish government will support engineering activities at the center, including the development of a professional services hub for the EMEALA region. 

“IDA Ireland is committed to supporting the work of world class companies such as Johnson Controls to utilize the latest developments in [artificial intelligence], data analytics and cloud architecture to build new technologies to enable a more sustainable world,” said Eileen Sharpe, IDA Ireland’s Head of Engineering and Green Economy. “This is a most welcome investment for Cork and for Ireland and is in line with our strategy to develop Ireland as a leading location for sustainability engineering solutions.”

JCI expects to create 18 new R&D roles at Ireland’s new OpenBlue Innovation Center. This is in addition to the 40 people already working on the company’s next generation solutions.

“Our partnership with the Irish government through IDA Ireland shows how governments and industry can drive real change,” said Eamonn Hughes, Vice President and General Manager, Digital Solutions EMEALA at Johnson Controls. “The financial support will allow us to increase our headcount, which will contribute not only to the local economy, but also to the development of our OpenBlue net zero solutions globally to have a positive impact on climate change.”

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