GEA Rolls Out New NatRef Technologies in Europe, Literally!

GEA Rolls Out New NatRef Technologies in Europe, Literally!

GEA natref truck

German manufacturer GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies is rolling out its newest innovations in an unusual way, bringing natural refrigerant products to customers in a truck touring around Europe. 

The GEA truck is packed with compressors and components, and it embarked on a one-year tour at the end of March 2022 under the motto “Rolling out Innovations.”

“Customers, consultants and planners, end users, universities and trade fair visitors will receive valuable information in the rolling HRT showcase,” GEA said in a statement. “Once it arrives at its destination, the vehicle literally ‘unfolds’ to become an attractive, 70-square-meter venue with various heating and refrigeration technologies on exhibit or explained in a clear and informative manner on LED screens.”

A brand new product in the truck is the GEA Grasso V XHP compressor for ammonia/NH3 (R717). The Grasso V XHP is a high-pressure reciprocating compressor used in the GEA RedGenium heat pumps. “This enhancement gives the RedGenium a fundamental boost, providing temperatures of up to 95°C [203°F] at top efficiency and an extended capacity range,” GEA said. 

Another compressor included in the truck is the new GEA CompaX 400, a semi-hermetic ammonia screw compressor. The CompaX 400 compressor is at the heart of the GEA BluX semi-hermetic chiller series.

Inside the GEA truck touring around Europe. Image: GEA.

The compressors onboard are complemented by components like filters, valves and safety devices manufactured by GEA subsidiary AWP. A product that has also found its way into the truck is a range of food-safe ammonia oils for industrial cooling and heating applications. GEA released the first PR-OLEO products back in 2017, and the company is now launching an updated range. The PR-OLEO products are “premium quality” oils suitable for all makes of screw and reciprocating ammonia compressors. All PR-OLEO products are registered as NSF H1 food grade products.

The truck is also equipped with space for presentations and customer meetings, and customers can immerse themselves in a virtual reality experience, visiting the refrigeration plant in a brewery.

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