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Emerson Commercial and Residential
Aachen, Germany

About Emerson

Emerson is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. With the Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions business platform, the company offers industry-leading products, systems and services that meet the toughest standards for productivity, efficiency and compliance while keeping costs down. Emerson’s core expertise covers market segments like heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, monitoring systems and facility controls, home repair and maintenance construction and plumbing tools.

Emerson offers innovative, reliable solutions to keep business running smoothly. The company creates comfortable, controllable workplace environments with energy-efficient HVAC&R systems. Solve the toughest industry challenges with Emerson’s state-of-the art compressors, condensers, heat exchanges and related equipment. Maximize total gas throughput with compressor technology that delivers longer life, higher reliability and better part-load efficiency.

Since its founding in 1890, Emerson has pushed to surpass every goal set for itself. Now,
more than 125 years later, Emerson’s spark burns brighter than ever, inspiring pride and a drive toward excellence — from its employees and the communities served.

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