NRWA - Ammonia water cooled liquid cooler (HP application)

ECO3 SERIES ammonia chiller for indoor installation.


ECO3 SERIES ammonia chiller. For indoor installation, the chiller is made of a self-supporting steel frame realised with welded and painted metal sheet. All components of the steel frame are epoxy powder coated, colour RAL 7035. The unit is completely electrically wired and cabled.


  • Ammonia refrigerant (31 kg)
  • One screw compressor 1 x 388 kW (+8/46 °C)
  • PHE exchangers as condenser and evaporator
  • Dry-Ex application
  • Economizer
  • An inverter for compressor - modulation range 30 Hz÷ 60Hz
  • Heatpump application
  • Gas recovery by an automatic gas pumping-down in a liquid receiver after a refrigerant leakage; the liquid receiver is closed by automatic valves
  • SIEMEMS PLC with customized software
  • Designed according to BREEAM_NL POL1 and BREEAM_NL-POL2 specification


  • Strong, compact and simple units to install
  • Guaranteed energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • The use of TECNOFREDDO customized PLC control system ensures optimum performances and makes the product a completely automatic operation one.
  • A naturally efficient and economical choice


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