NRWC - Ammonia water cooled liquid cooler

ECO3 SERIES ammonia chiller for outdoor installation.


ECO3 SERIES ammonia chiller. For outdoor installation, this ammonia chiller is realized in a housing steel frame made with welded and painted metal sheet and closed with removable panels painted with RAL 7035 epoxy-powder. The unit is completely electrically wired and cabled.


  • Ammonia refrigerant (24 kg)
  • Two screw compressors 2 x 100.5 kW (-13/46 °C)
  • PHE exchangers as condenser and evaporator
  • Dry-Ex application
  • A pump for evaporator circuit (cold side)
  • Two pumps (running + stand-by) for condenser/oil cooler circuit (dry-cooler side)
  • 3-way modulating valve on condenser circuit
  • SIEMEMS PLC with customized software


  • Strong, compact and simple units to install
  • Guaranteed energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • The use of TECNOFREDDO customized PLC control system ensures optimum performances and makes the product a completely automatic operation one.
  • A naturally efficient and economical choice


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