NH3 Critically Charged DX Chillers

For comfort cooling applications or process refrigeration, this unit can be custom designed for specific use and deliver performance with proven ROI to the end user.


This unit can be packaged with a chilled secondary fluid or direct expansion to refrigeration coils. With less than 1.5 lb/TR, this package offers premium efficiency and reduced operating costs to the end user.

Specifications and Advantages

  • Safety devices with automated controls (local and integrated)
  • Critically charged ammonia quantity below OSHA and EPA regulations
  • Air cooled condenser with stainless steel tubing and aluminum fins
  • Automated water misting spray bars
  • Air cooled oil cooler
  • Twin screw compressor
  • Energy efficiency (compressor VFD and ECM fan motors)
  • Industrial grade materials, equipment, and controls
  • Insulated refrigeration piping
  • Powder coated structure
  • Remote monitoring surveillance and technical assistance programs available
  • Turn-key installation available


  • Comfort cooling applications or process refrigeration

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