• Environmentally sustainable
  • Energy efficient
  • Ammonia refrigeration systems


Scantec Refrigeration Technologies designs and installs two-stage, environmentally sustainable and energy efficient ammonia refrigeration systems for large refrigerated volumes including variable frequency drive reciprocating compressors, variable frequency drive fans, evaporative condensers and computer based automation and monitoring systems.

Integrated Building / Refrigeration System Design

  • Optimised evaporator locations for minimisation of infiltration
  • Integrated desiccant drier for minimisation of defrost frequency
  • Building structural and air cooler positioning optimised for cost minimisation
  • Door locations and door design optimised for infiltration minimisation
  • Integrated penthouse designs available for maximisation of pallet spaces
  • Integrated ambient air defrost concepts available for minimisation of energy consumption
  • Integrated air cooler concepts minimising access to warehouse for maintenance
  • Relative levels within building designed for optimal refrigeration plant performance
  • Lighting types and insulation thicknesses selected for minimum life cycle cost (LCC) future proofing through use of zero ODP and zero GWP refrigerants
  • Integrated ambient air defrost/ emergency ventilation with ambient air defrost type coolers
  • Long service life through extensive use of non-corrosive materials
  • More than 100 in-house designed computerized control and monitoring systems in the field

Significantly Smaller Ammonia Charge

  • 1 kg/kW versus 3-4 kg/kW for liquid overfeed
  • Reduced health and safety risks
  • Reduced regulatory burden in some jurisdictions
  • Faster defrost cycle


  • Complete Design and Construct package
  • All design and approvals
  • Stormwater harvesting
  • Solar Installation
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Super flat floors
  • Low VOC paint and carpet
  • All future WELS rated
  • Low charge ammonia
  • Sustainable and efficient
  • Computer based automation and monitoring
  • Low maintenance


  • Industrial Cooling


Low-charge Ammonia Case Study

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