The GEA Geneglace G100is the first ice generator in GEA’s new premium series. It can produce up to 2500kg of flake ice per day thanks to GEA’s patented technology and can use both CO2 and NH3.

Basic specifications
  • Compatible with both CO2 and NH3 refrigerants
  • Daily ice production 2,500 kg
  • 14 kW cooling capacity
  • Max working pressure of 40 bar
  • Stainless steel cylinder and water path
  • 1.7 mm ice thickness at water temperature of 15°C and refrigerant evaporating temperature of -27°C
  • Reduced refrigerant charge (3 times less than F90H model)
  • Reduced weight 
  • PED & ASME compliant
  • Design based on static, fully insulated cylinder with few moving parts 
    • All refrigeration transferred directly to water
  • Designed for continuous production of hygienic flake ice

  • Food processing industry


Geneglace G100 flake ice generator
Geneglace G100 flake ice generator

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