R717 (NH3) Horizontal Plate Freezer

DSI has developed horizontal plate freezers suitable for R717 applications that can be used for onboard as well as onshore freezing.

Technical specifications:

  • Number of freezing stations: From 6 to 18 stations
  • Frame: Hot-dip galvanised closed profiles
  • Plate material: Seawater resistant aluminium alloy approved for contact with human food
  • Design: Sturdy construction
  • Standard plate pressure: 0.35 bar (4,9 Psi)
  • Width: 1120, 1230 or 1650 mm
  • Length: 1550 to 2440 mm


  • Suited for onboard as well as onshore freezing
  • Optimum plate size
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Element surface structure prevents dents and marks in the packaging
  • The most common block dimensions are produced in this type of freezer

DSI horizontal plate freezer options:

  • Marine locks
  • High pressure execution
  • Cabinet 30mm with roller curtains
  • Cabinet 30mm with double doors
  • Cabinet 30mm outer cladding stainless steel
  • Electrically operated from both sides of the freezer
  • Different hydraulic executions
  • Spacers between freezing plate
  • Different opening between freezing plates
  • Stainless steel structure  



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