Low Charge Advanced Direct Expansion (ADX®) Ammonia Technology

  • Application over temperature range from - 40°C to + 4.4°C (- 40°F to + 40°F)
  • Reduced ammonia charge
  • fast, energy efficienct defrost


Colmac Coil’s industrial ammonia refrigeration technology allows for the application of Low Charge direct expansion with ammonia over a complete range of operating temperatures from - 40°C to + 4.4°C (- 40°F to + 40°F).

Technical Specifications
  • Can be applied to any system configuration
  • Application over temperature range from - 40°C to + 4.4°C (- 40°F to + 40°F)
  • Defrost duration only 7-10 minutes with Smart Hot Gas (SHG) defrost
  • Demand initiated defrost
  • Electronic expansion valve technology
  • Integrated VFD fan speed control available
  • No control valves or flange joints located in the refrigerated space (reduced risk of ammonia leaks)
  • Reduction in ammonia charge by mass for various components:
             - Evaporator (30X)
             - Liquid Line (4X)
             - Suction Line (10X)
             - Recirculator Vessel (eliminated)
  • Microprocessor-based controller communicates with standard BMS protocols (BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, etc.)

  • Reduced ammonia charge (as low as 0.7kg/kW system charge)
  • Reduced health and safety risks due to lower ammonia inventory
  • Simplified controls
  • Energy efficient dry suction line
  • Reduced line sizes
  • Fast, energy efficient defrost
  • Elimination of hot gas “blow-by” at the end of defrost
  • Elimination of ammonia re-circulator pumps
  • Reduced operating cost and reduced first cost


Industrial Refrigeration


 DX Ammonia Piping Handbook

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