Ammonia Evaporative Condenser with Centrifugal Fans (CC) – SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION

By W-Tech, published Jan 22, 2018

Available range 154 – 4300 kW


  • Ammonia Evaporative Condenser with centrifugal fans (CC) – SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION
  • Pre-assembled unit manufactured in our factory in multiple sections (cells)
  • Available range 154– 4300 kW
  • Basin surface is sloped to permit complete drainage, emptying during maintenance and avoiding water stagnation, preventing then the growth of bacteria
  • Entirely constructed (coil and panels) in AISI 304


  • CCS 385
  • Unit body and Coil in AISI 304
  • 655 kW (Nominal capacity)


  • Greater resistance to rust
  • Suitable for food plants (stainless steel coil) to avoid contamination
  • Strong, compact and simple units to install
  • Significantly reduces noise levels
  • Condenser heights lower than axial ones
  • Ductable systems A naturally efficient and economical choice


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