Ammonia Evaporative Condenser with Axial Fans (CAA) – SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION FOR CONTAINER

By W-Tech, published Jan 22, 2018

Available in 510 kW


  • Ammonia Evaporative Condenser with axial fans (CAA) – SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION FOR CONTAINER
  • Pre-assembled unit manufactured in W-Tech factory in one section
  • Entirely constructed with panels of Magnelis ZM 310 for a better superficial protection
  • The heat exchange coils in evaporative condensers and closed-circuit cooling towers are made of galvanized steel and stainless steel as well as all fixing elements, in order to avoid any possible formation of biofilm
  • W-COAT special epoxypoliester paint protection (inside/outside) as optional


  • Ammonia refrigerant
  • 510 kW
  • Condensing temperature 35°C
  • Air wet bulb Temperature 21°C
  • Suitable for working inside an open container


  • Strong, compact
  • AC/EC electric fans
  • Minimum water content and V basin
  • Strong, compact and simple units to install
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption
  • A naturally efficient and economical choice


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