Ammonia Evaporative Condenser with Centrifugal Fans (CC)

By W-Tech, published Jan 18, 2018

Available range 154– 4300 kW


  • Ammonia Evaporative Condenser with Centrifugal fans (CC)
  • Pre-assembled unit manufactured in W-Tech factory in multiple sections (cells)
  • Available range 154– 4300 kW
  • Entirely constructed with panels of Magnelis ZM 310 for a better superficial protection
  • The heat exchange coils in evaporative condensers and closed-circuit cooling towers are made of galvanized steel (HDG) and stainless steel as well as all fixing elements, in order to avoid any possible formation of biofilm
  • Belt drive systems suitable for variable frequency drive (VFD) applications or dahlander motors
  • High-efficient, well-designed and well-fitted drift eliminators, which greatly eliminate water loss and potential aerosols drift (otherwise easily inhaled), in order to prevent escape of entrained water droplets that might contain Legionella bacteria from the tower
  • Basin surface is sloped to permit complete drainage, emptying during maintenance and avoiding water stagnation, preventing then the growth of bacteria
  • W-COAT special epoxypoliester paint protection (inside/outside) as optional


  • CCS -205 Ammonia refrigerant 882 kW (Nominal capacity)


  • Strong, compact and simple units to install
  • Significantly reduces noise levels
  • Condenser heights lower than axial ones
  • Ductable systems
  • A naturally efficient and economical choice


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