AlfaNova plate heat exchangers

By Alfa Laval, published Apr 08, 2019

Alfa Laval AlfaNova plate heat exchangers are made of 100% stainless steel, with the components fused together using a unique active diffusion bonding technology that Alfa Laval has patented. This provides levels of hygiene and corrosion resistance unmatched by any other brazed heat exchanger. It also makes it practical to use stainless steel plate heat exchangers in installations normally reserved for conventional semi-welded and welded units.


  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • Self-cleaning
  • Low level of service and maintenance is required
  • All units are pressure and leak tested
  • Gasket free
  • Copper free

With the Alfa Laval AlfaNova, it becomes feasible to use a high-efficiency plate heat exchanger under the kinds of extreme temperature and pressure fatigue conditions that would probably destroy a conventional brazed heat exchanger. As a result, AlfaNova units have become a breakthrough gasket-free alternative for a wide range of industrial applications that use aggressive liquids and in which there is a need for high-efficiency, hermetically sealed plate heat exchangers that ensure low life cycle costs even under high-temperature conditions. The 100% stainless steel construction makes it possible to withstand temperatures of up to 550°C (1,020°F).

To guarantee maximum safety, reliability and durability, Alfa Laval AlfaNova units have been subjected to exhaustive testing focusing on pressure fatigue, thermal fatigue and corrosion resistance. Such dependability, along with the other multiple benefits of this innovative design, make AlfaNova a cost-effective heat transfer solution in a wide range of duties. Examples include systems using refrigerants such as ammonia, while its resistance to corrosion also makes Alfa Laval AlfaNova popular in district heating installations in which corrosive water is used.

The hygienic heat transfer channels and mechanical strength also make Alfa Laval AlfaNova units ideal in applications where the prime focus is on hygiene, such as clean water refrigeration chillers and tap water heating systems.

For more infomation on available dimensions, product leaftets and how the ALfaNova works, please visit the Alfa Nova plate heat exchanger page on the Alfa Laval website.

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