This one platform multiple options concept includes the three popular Danfoss products: ICV control valves, ICF complete valve stations and the new SVL line components.

Danfoss has developed a new range of line components for industrial refrigeration, namely the SVL Flexline™. It is based on the successful modular platform concept from the ICF and ICV valves in the Flexline™ family.

Technical specifications:

  • Temperature: Approved for -60 °C to 150 °C (-76 °F to +302 °F)
  • Pressure: up to 52 bar/754 psi.
  • Refrigerants: suitable for all refrigerants including ammonia
  • Application types such as: Industrial Refrigeration plants (ammonia) and also suitable for sub-critical CO2 and heat pump systems
  • Approvals: for all regions and countries. Korea and Japan pending

  • Easy and timesaving switch between the functions thanks to one common housing
  • Based on common housing (angle- or straightway) the inserts offer five different functions: stop, regulating, stop/check, check and filter
  • All five function modules have the same high specification making selection, system design and mounting simple and trouble free
  • Shared spare parts and modular design reduces complexity and stocking costs while allowing for fast and easy service.  


The new range of line components for Industrial Refrigeration - SVL FlexlineTM
Danfoss SVL FlexlineTM- New range of line components for Industrial Refrigeration 
One FlexlineTM platform Multiple options

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