ABOUT Tecnofreddo

Tecnofreddo has 25 years of experience in commercial and industrial refrigeration engineering. In 2004, Aerre, a company in the business of distribution and installation of refrigeration systems for commercial sectors, merged with the Tecnofreddo Group.

Tecnofreddo-Aerre offers full production chain management, from design to testing. The company's mission is to satisfy different needs and provide innovative and cost effective solutions throughout a wide range of advanced and efficient products. Tecnofreddo-Aerre is driven by the demands of its customers and offers a unique package of high quality products, excellent customer service, while encouraging innovation and energy efficiency- ensuring sustainable development and respect for the environment.

Tecnofreddo-Aerre’s is able to customize its products and build machines intended for special systems.

Product Range:

1. Air and water condensing units, for both outdoor and indoor installation
2. Water and brine chillers
3. Multi-compressor refrigerating units with on-board or remote condenser
4. Air/Water cooled Ammonia chillers
5. Air/Water cooled Propane chillers
6. Subcritical CO2 Cascade units
7. Control panels

The signature natural refrigerant label for these machines is ECO3, representing the use of 3 natural refrigerants (ammonia, propane and carbon dioxide).


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