New ice rink system to enhance safety

By Michael Garry, Dec 11, 2018, 00:36 1 minute reading

Accent Refrigeration’s design will channel leaked ammonia into condenser at Canadian facility.

In an effort to improve the safety of ammonia refrigeration in ice rinks Accent Refrigeration Systems, Victoria, B.C.,plans to install a “new style” ammonia system at a rink in Port Alberni, B.C., next summer.

A key element is improved airflow. “So if there is a leak you can get the ammonia out of the air quickly,” said Art Sutherland, president and CEO of Accent Refrigeration Systems, a major designer and installer of ice rink refrigeration systems.

The system will contain only 60 lbs of ammonia and use calcium chloride brine as a secondary refrigerant; it will employ a low-charge “spray chiller” in which the liquid ammonia “vaporizes as soon as it hits the [evaporator] tubes,” he said.

In addition, in the event of a 25 ppm ammonia leak, a high-speed exhaust fan would be initiated; if a leak reaches 300 ppm, the Port Alberni system would close the solenoid valve on the outlet of the condenser and pump ammonia out of the machine room and into the condenser “in less than a minute,” Sutherland said. “It will safely contain the ammonia in the condenser.”

If there is a leak you can get the ammonia out of the air quickly."
Art Sutherland, Accent Refrigeration Systems

By Michael Garry

Dec 11, 2018, 00:36

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