Chile ammonia standard to be published soon

Chile will publish a new ammonia standard once the Ministry of Health has approved it.

At Chillventa, Seattle-based Highland Refrigeration’s Sales Manager Patrick Fossey gave a presentation explaining how he worked with the Chilean chamber of International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) to develop an ammonia refrigeration standard for ammonia refrigeration for the South American country’s ministry of health.

“Everybody in the [Chilean] industry is working together for safety,” Fossey said at an event hosted by trade association Eurammon (of which he is a member, along with IIAR) “The standard was given to the Ministry [...]; it’s been sitting there for a year,” he said.

Fossey, together with members of the Chilean IIAR and the Chilean refrigeration and air-conditioning association (CCRHYC; 12% of which currently use ammonia) developed the standard.

The ministry had asked the CCRHYC to write it, given the association’s experience developing a guide for ammonia installations in Chile.

“We started developing an ammonia manual based on IIAR standards [in 2014] and guidelines but [halfway] through, we were approached by the ministry to develop a standard,” Fossey said.

The whole Chilean industry was involved in the safety and installation guide for ammonia, from end users to manufacturers and contractors.

“We [also] have developed a new diploma for ammonia refrigeration in the University de Santiago, starting in March 2019,” he added.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Oct 18, 2018, 03:25

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