ATMO Asia: 'Values' driving natural refrigerant adoption

By Devin Yoshimoto, Sep 04, 2018, 12:15 2 minute reading

Indonesia-based Kiat Ananda Cold Storage made the business and environmental case for using NH3/CO2 systems in cold storage facilities at ATMO Asia 2018.

Ray Soraya, CEO of Kiat Ananda Cold Storage, addresses ATMOsphere Asia 2018.

Natural refrigerants can help companies to meet their sustainability targets without compromising on business success, heard participants in today's ATMOsphere Asia conference in Singapore Indonesia-based Kiat Ananda Cold Storage took the stage today during ATMO Asia 2018's Future of the Industry End User panel to talk about how the use of natural refrigerants contributes to its leadership of the cold storage industry in Indonesia.

"Basically we run our business while taking care of humanity, the environment and the business all together in one," said Ray Soraya, CEO of Kiat Ananda Cold Storage, a Jakarta, Indonesia-based company that offers cold supply chain management services for frozen food products.

"Some say it is not easy but believe me it can be done," Soraya said.

"It is our values that are driving these changes — it's what you believe," he said. 

Kiat Ananda Cold Storage is the largest cold storage/third party logistics service provider in Indonesia, with blue chip customers including household names such as Starbucks, the Coca-Cola Company, and Unilever among others.

The company operates five cold storage warehouses in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

"The initial investment [for natural refrigerant systems] is high but again we have proven that it can be done. And with these case studies that we have we can be a leading example in the market," Soraya said.

It is our values that are driving these changes – it's what you believe." 
– Ray Soraya, CEO, Kiat Ananda Cold Storage

Time to raise awareness of refrigerant phasedown

Soraya drew attention to the need to raise awareness of the importance of moving away from environmentally damaging refrigerants among the Indonesian industry.

"In Indonesia we are a bit behind. So we can learn from other countries that are more advanced. We need to educate the businessmen," he said.

The larger challenge, Soraya explained, is raising awareness of the general public in Indonesia.

"In Indonesia it will take some time because the level of education is low. It is a big task for us," he said.

Meanwhile Hamzah Priyantoro, Kiat Ananda Cold Storage's operations director, spoke about how the company's use of NH3/CO2 cooling systems had increased operational safety by limiting the use of ammonia to a very small amount outside of all cold rooms.

ATMOsphere Asia 2018 is being held today at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore, bringing together Southeast Asia's HVAC&R stakeholders to discuss natural refrigerant-based solutions for the region.

Click here for live coverage of ATMOsphere Asia 2018 on Medium.

Hamzah Priyantoro, operation director, Kiat Ananda Cold Storage

By Devin Yoshimoto

Sep 04, 2018, 12:15

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