This week we interview Menno van der Hoff of TripleAqua, and talk about the IEC charge limit and natural refrigerant subsidies in Japan.

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In this episode shecco's North American Editor Michael Garry joins shecco's European reporter Charlotte McLaughlin to discuss the next stage in the IEC process relating to the charge limit of hydrocarbons in commercial refrigeration equipment.

Also in U.S. news Zero Zone has installed its first transcritical CO2 system in an ice rink.

This week European Editor Andrew Williams interviews a special guest: Menno Van der Hoff, who is the inventor of the TripleAqua system that was was installed in a Dutch town, winning 'European Heat Pump City of the Year'.

Finally Williams discusses new subsidies for natural refrigerants in Japan with APAC reporter Devin Yoshimoto.

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By Charlotte McLaughlin

Jul 23, 2018, 16:02

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