TEKO introduces ammonia screw compressor at ANUGA

By Charlotte McLaughlin, May 03, 2018, 10:04 1 minute reading

The German manufacturer is targetting the industrial refrigeration with this product that can also be used in cascades.

TEKO's stand at ANUGA in Cologne, Germany.   

TEKO's ammonia screw compressor, part of the ‘Ammon’ series of ammonia and suitable for industrial refrigeration installations, was introduced for the first time at the ANUGA Food Tec show in Cologne, Germany in March.   

The Ammonia series, operating either with screw compressor from Bitzer or Mayekawa, or piston compressors from Bitzer can also be used in cascade with CO2 racks.

“The system is also joined to a cascade system with CO2 for deep cooling”, Nadine Neuberger, Head of Marketing at TEKO, told ammonia21.com. Joining a CO2 rack to the ammonia system can help lower the charge of ammonia used.

Charge of ammonia can also be lowered in other ways. “If this unit is used, for example, in a chiller with shell-and-tube condenser, the NH3 filling quantity may be 60 kg”, Neuberger explained. 

However, with bigger capacity systems the charge does go up. “If the unit is connected in a combined system with several individual compressor units on site and used, for example, for food cooling, the filling quantity of the entire system can sometimes quickly reach more than 4,000 kg”, she said.

Training appeas as a key to increase the safety of installing these systems according to Matthias Bethke who has been a key account manager for the industrial refrigeration sector of TEKO’s business since 2017.

The company currently offers training for CO2 and Bethke, told ammonia21.com at ANUGA, “I would like to see us do training in ammonia”.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

May 03, 2018, 10:04

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