The NatRefs Show: Episode 39!

Episode 39 discusses natural refrigerants at the recent ATMOsphere Japan conference in Tokyo and the career of world-renowned natural refrigerant expert Professor Pega Hrnjak.

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In this week’s episode, we discuss the highlights of the ATMOsphere Japan conference on natural refrigerants held in Tokyo.

And we hear from our North American Editor Michael Garry about the latest edition of the Accelerate America magazine, which focuses on world-renowned natural refrigerant expert Professor Pega Hrnjak. Hrnjak is a researcher and teacher in the field of refrigeration.

He is also director of the University of Illinois’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center, an NSF-founded, industry-university cooperative research center, and president of Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS), a private research-and-development company, also based in Urbana.

Michael is interviewed by our reporter in Europe, Charlotte McLaughlin, on the upcoming Accelerate America awards at ATMOsphere America in Long Beach, California.

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By Andrew Williams

Feb 19, 2018, 18:30

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