Calibration Technologies Inc. becomes Bronze Partner on ammonia21

The manufacturer of gas detection systems for industrial refrigeration using ammonia is now a Partner.

Calibration Technologies Incorporated (CTI), a specialist in controls for ammonia detection systems for industrial refrigeration, has become a Bronze Partner of this website for the first time.

The U.S.-based company hopes the industrial refrigeration sector in the United States will recognize the benefits of using ammonia more and more. “Ammonia will be proven to be one of the safest, least expensive, most efficient natural refrigerants available,” Andy Neptune, sales manager at CTI, told

Ammonia will be proven to be one of the safest, least expensive, most efficient natural refrigerants available.”
– Andy Neptune, CTI 

CTI is very confident that its ammonia detection system works in rough environments and is easy to install. “CTI sensors are designed to withstand extreme conditions in the food industry including ice, heat, blast freezers, EMI-RFI, chemical washdown, high-pressure hose hits and continuous extreme temperature swings (from -50°F (-45.5°C) to 150°F (60°C)),” he explained.

He added that, “the sensors are very user-friendly, easily to calibrate and maintain”.

Customer feedback and dialogue has been critical to developing the product. “Our sales and service staff have instant access to the engineers and chemists who designed all of our products. Together, we can quickly and accurately answer every customer’s question,” Neptune said.

Ammonia is in the roots

The company, which is 14 years old, really started with ammonia detection. “Ammonia gas detection is where CTI started – it’s the roots of our company,” he said.

This experience has helped detect a lot of leaks. “While we never like to hear about refrigerant gas leaks, it’s always satisfying to hear that our sensor caught a leak early and prevented a potential catastrophe,” he explained.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Aug 08, 2017, 12:22

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