Year in Review: Read the best of from 2016

Here at, as we head home to friends and family and look forward to 2017, naturally (pun intended!) it's time to relive the highlights of the past year.

2016 has been an action-packed year for natural refrigerants. Here at, as we head home to friends and family and look forward to 2017, it’s time to take stock of the past year and naturally (pun intended!) to reflect on the highlights of 2016 on – from promising new policy developments and exciting events to cutting-edge technology advancements.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our loyal readers!

Policy: New opportunities for ammonia

How will Trump election influence ammonia refrigeration?
The EPA’s soon-to-be-released RMP rule changes may be targeted by new administration, but low-charge ammonia trend should go forward, says GCCA government expert.

Global deal reached to limit use of HFCs
On 15 October, close to 200 countries struck a landmark deal to phase down the production and use of HFCs.

East European nations, Greece and Tunisia tackle HCFC phase-out
Nine national refrigeration associations met with a UN body in Belgrade, Serbia to tackle the HCFC phase out and hear about how to leapfrog HFCs.

New report sheds light on effects of EU F-Gas Regulation
The report shows a marked increase in the number of companies that are working with natural refrigerants.

Chillventa Congress: EU, US regulation boosting natref uptake
Strong regulation in place in Europe and the United States is creating opportunities for natural refrigerant technologies, heard participants in the Chillventa Congress.

CARB posts revised draft of HFC-reduction strategy
The California agency will assess the impact of the Kigali Amendment on its HFC phase-down plans.

End users: Progressive customers counting on ammonia

NHL triggering US growth in natural refrigerant ice rinks
Canadian manufacturer CIMCO has fitted an ammonia ice-rink at the T-Mobile NHL arena in south Las Vegas, Nevada.

French supermarket puts faith in natrefs for logistics centre
French firm Atlantic Compressors is delivering an NH3-CO2 cascade system to serve the cooling needs of a distribution centre for one of France’s main supermarket chains.

Colruyt harnesses liquid ice to slash transport emissions
To reduce emissions from refrigerated transport by 50%, Belgian retailer the Colruyt Group is using liquid ice – a liquid mixture of ice, ethanol and water – to cool special containers.

Ammonia: A stable ingredient in the ever-changing world of food logistics
In a very transient and changing sector, “the only stable ingredient I can see at the present stage is ammonia,” Chris Sturman, chief executive of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation, told

For Henningsen, less is more
The cold storage operator has cut thousands of lbs. of ammonia from its refrigerated systems.

Western Gateway: First to use Evapcold
Utah-based Western Gateway Storage has become the first purchaser of the new Evapcold packaged low-charge ammonia refrigeration system.

Movers & Shakers in Ammonia Refrigeration
For 10 of Accelerate America’s Movers & Shakers, low-charge ammonia is a key part of their work.

Market/Technology: Scaling new heights with ammonia

R32: An ‘improbable’ alternative to ammonia
New research concludes that R32 is an "improbable" alternative to ammonia for industrial refrigeration.

Mobile ammonia refrigeration without battery, compressor
Coldway, a French company, has developed an ammonia mobile refrigeration unit for deliveries for the food, health and pharmaceutical sectors.

Colmac Coil releases 4th low-charge ammonia handbook
The Ammonia Piping Handbook serves as a guide for the design and implementation of Colmac Coil’s DX ammonia refrigeration system.

Ammonia, CO2 to dominate industrial, commercial cooling
Component manufacturer Güntner expects the industrial and commercial cooling industry to go for ammonia and CO2.

Events: Ammonia in the spotlight around the world

Mayekawa banking on natrefs for industrial refrigeration
Japanese manufacturer Mayekawa sees natural refrigerants playing a huge role in industrial refrigeration, both now and in the future.

Spotlight on GEA heat pump for London Underground ahead of Chillventa
Innovative heat pumps for potato chip driers and the London Underground are helping keep German manufacturer GEA at the forefront of the ammonia industrial refrigeration market.

Purdue: F-gas phase-down driving HVAC&R innovation
Researchers gathered at Purdue University, Indiana to share knowledge on technological innovations that can help deliver the objectives of new environmental legislation.

Manufacturers see openings for natural refrigerants in China
Food processing, cold storage and residential air conditioning are among the applications with the greatest potential to grow the market for natural refrigerants in China, according to manufacturers at China Refrigeration in Beijing.

By Andrew Williams

Dec 19, 2016, 09:00

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