San Francisco based Azane Inc, launched by STAR Refrigeration Group

By Janaina Topley Lira, May 14, 2014, 12:31 3 minute reading

The Star Refrigeration Group, a leading supplier of industrial cooling and heat pump solutions using natural refrigerants ammonia and CO2, has launched US subsidiary Azane Inc. Set-up to meet growing demand for the Group’s low-charge ammonia “Azane” technology, which includes the Azanechiller and Azanefreezer, the subsidiary’s San Francisco office will act as a regional headquarters for Azane Inc.

In the US the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) phase out programme for HCFC refrigerant R22 is putting pressure on cold stores, warehouses, ice rinks and food and beverage processing facilities to switch to ozone and climate friendly alternatives, such as ammonia. Azane technology, which has already been installed by some of the worlds leading organisations, provides a unique solution that meets US legislative challenges. Azane have recently started manufacturing in the US in order to cope with growing demand in the region.
Simple and low cost installation for high efficiency Azanechiller
The Azanechiller is a complete refrigeration package, suitable for both new installations and upgrade projects. There are 12 models of water and air cooled ammonia refrigeration package, with a capacity range from 60TR (185kW) 210TR (750kW). The packages require no machinery room, and can be located close to the cooling requirement, simplifying and reducing the cost of installation. 
Azanefreezer is the natural choice for R22 replacement
The Azanefreezer is a low charge ammonia condensing unit for freezer warehouses of all sizes. There are 6 models of air cooled ammonia package, with a capacity range from 25TR (100kW) to 70TR (250kW). The modular nature of the package makes the Azanefreezer an ideal option for R22 system replacement.
Low-charge technology could expand ammonia’s future beyond industrial sector
All Azane packages use the natural refrigerant ammonia and have been designed to operate with as little as one tenth of the charge of a traditional refrigeration system, therefore avoiding the burden of OSHA’s PSM and the EPA RPM requirements. The low charge and packaged approach, by increasing the system safety, could also open up the possibility of ammonia refrigeration in the commercial sector.
“In the USA, the use of ammonia has historically been restricted to large, distributed refrigeration systems. These systems are typically site-installed and require a central machinery room to house the refrigeration equipment. These systems also tend to use ‘pumped circulation’ technology, which requires a relatively large quantity of ammonia. The advent of ‘low charge ammonia’ means that ammonia is now being considered in applications, which were typically the domain of ‘commercial’ systems,” said Derek Hamilton, US Business Development Manager.
Get to know Azane Inc. at ATMOsphere America 2014
This summer Derek Hamilton, US Business Development Manager, will be at ATMOsphere America 2014, presenting a paper during the “Industrial Refrigeration & Other Applications” session on June 18. To find out more visit
Made in the USA!
With manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, the energy efficient packaged Azanechiller and Azanefreezer are fabricated following US standards and regulations and supplied nationwide. Azane Inc. also provides dedicated technical support, site surveys, proposals and training to HVAC&R contractors, consultants and operators and end-users.
About Azane Inc.
Azane Inc. are a world-leading manufacturer of low charge, packaged ammonia refrigeration systems. As part of the Star Refrigeration Group, Azane are uniquely placed to serve the growing demand for low charge ammonia packages in the US and surrounding regions. All Azane packages are designed to have the lowest possible life cycle cost, thereby providing low carbon refrigeration solutions to the environmentally conscious.


By Janaina Topley Lira

May 14, 2014, 12:31

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