Last chance to give input: Natural Solutions in Europe and Developing Countries 

By Simon Burkel, Jul 16, 2013, 16:04 2 minute reading

Together with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO, market development company shecco is collecting last input from different stakeholder groups to a global survey about the prospects of HFC-free foams and refrigerants in emerging economies. Also still running is an industry survey on the business potential of natural refrigerants in 50+ European countries. Results from both surveys will be part of free GUIDEs to be published this autumn.

The first survey, administered by shecco in partnership with UNIDO, aims to explore challenges for the adoption of Natural Refrigerants (NH3 ammonia - CO2 carbon dioxide - HC hydrocarbons - H2O water - and air), as well as HFC-free foams in developing countries. More importantly, it is looking for best-practice examples to be followed for more sustainable substances in heating, cooling, refrigeration and insulation. Participants are welcome to send case studies, presentations, working papers etc. to the shecco research team at:
The UNIDO survey has a maximum of 19 content questions, and will take around 15 minutes to complete. It is available in English, French and Spanish:
Results will be published in September / October in the “GUIDE UNIDO – Natural Solutions for Developing Countries”. The publication, freely accessible to the reader, will highlight success stories of HCFC-free and HFC-free applications in developing and developed countries, and will feature a special case study section to facilitate an easy filtering of information. Moreover, it will also summarise key messages from the UNIDO ATMOsphere Technology Summit held on 3-4 June in Vienna. 
European Industry Survey – Your input still missing
For those interested in market developments for natural refrigerants in Europe (50+ countries), a 2nd survey on the economic impact of HFC-free solutions will be running only until early August. It investigates the market outlook for NR solutions in different applications for the years to come, looks at their contribution to research & development and employment, and generally tries to stronger define the business case for NR in Europe. All industry players, familiar or still not familiar with the use of NR are welcome to provide input.
The survey is available in English and German:
The launch of the “GUIDE Europe – 2nd Edition” containing the most valuable results from the industry survey is expected for this autumn, and around the ATMOsphere Europe international workshop in Brussels on 14-16 October. 


By Simon Burkel

Jul 16, 2013, 16:04

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