Ammonia products on display at 2013 European Seafood Expo

By Huiting Jia, Apr 26, 2013, 10:36 3 minute reading

At this year’s European Seafood Exposition (ESE), refrigeration and freezing equipment manufacturers worldwide came together in Brussels to showcase their latest seafood refrigeration/freezing and processing products. was on site to report about latest products using ammonia and CO2 designed for fishery industry. + PHOTOS

The 21st European Seafood Exposition (ESE) together with 15th Seafood Processing Europe (SPE) were held at the Brussels EXPO in Brussels, Belgium from 23-25 April 2013. This year, the exhibition attracted over 25,000 seafood buyers, sellers and fish processing equipment manufacturers from around the world. In Hall 4 of the exhibition for fish processing and refrigeration/freezing equipment, several manufacturers showcased their ammonia and CO2 systems designed for fishery industry. 
DSI: The Danish plate freezer manufacturer displayed its V16 Plate Freeze in the seafood processing hall. The vertical plate freezers with automatic unloading can be operated with ammonia.  DSI also showcased its CorePoint temperature measuring system, which saves time, energy and CO2 emissions by precisely controlling the core temperature.
ZIEGRA: ZIEGRA, the German ice machine manufacturer showcased its new line of CO2 ice makers. ZIEGRA’s CO2 ice makers ZBE 350 EV to ZBE 1.000 EV have a daily capacity of 350 kg to 1.000 kg, covering the requirements for ice of many different applications. These CO2 ice makers are specially designed for compatibility with CO2 refrigeration systems. According to ZIEGRA, supermarkets in Europe are increasingly installing ice makers for connection to CO2 refrigeration systems. Compared to other refrigerants, CO2 ice makers can produce the same ice capacity but using far less energy. 
MMC: MMC KULDE AS is a Norwegian manufacturer that supplies refrigeration and freezing equipment to fishing fleet and fish processing companies. At the exhibition, MMC showcased their ammonia and CO2 products including an ammonia Spray chiller, an ammonia SX chiller, Vertical semi automatic PFV 4C for CO2 and automatic retractable block dividers.
Yantai Moon: Yantai Moon, the Chinese manufacture displayed its NH3/CO2-based Screw-type Cascade Refrigeration System. The system uses CO2 in the low-temperature stage and NH3 in the high-temperature stage. The system is applicable to a variety of working conditions, with an adjustable evaporating temperature range between -55 °C and -25 °C. A retentive unit is also installed to keep the pressure of the CO2 side within a certain range. Yantai Moon’s NH3/CO2 cascade systems have been used in food processing, medical and chemical industries as well as in cooling applications in the hazardous areas in many countries.
Skaginn: Skaginn is a food processing equipment producer of Iceland. The company presented their latest ammonia plate freezers and ammonia IQF Freezer. Skaginn IQF freezers can be customised for capacities ranging from 600~10.000 kg/hr. According to the producer, the freezer significantly reduces running costs with a set of systems that enable the freezer to be run for a week without complete defrosting.
Dalian Bingshan: Dalian Bingshan, the Chinese refrigeration system manufacturer displayed a range of ammonia products including the Bingshan Air Cooler, a Piston Refrigeration Compressor Unit, a Semi-hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Unit, the VI Screw Compressor, a Flake Ice Unit, a Tandem Central Unit, a Contract Freezer, and a Tunnel IQF. According to Bingshan, all these products can be operated with ammonia. Bingshan’s Product Director Mr Gao Liwei says that the company regards ammonia as the most reliable and efficient refrigerant for industrial refrigeration and confirmed that the market of ammonia refrigeration is growing rapidly in developing countries like China. 


By Huiting Jia

Apr 26, 2013, 10:36

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