Mayekawa’s CO2 and ammonia business increase 150% in Europe - Exclusive interview with Jan Boone

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At the ATMOsphere Europe 2012 conference in November 2012, spoke to Mr Jan Boone from Mayekawa about the development of natural refrigerants in Europe as well as Mayekawa’s market strategy at present and in the future. According to Mr Jan Boone, Mayekawa has a 150% increase in its CO2 and ammonia business in Europe compared to 5 years ago. Mayekawa has a plan to continuously expand its production of natural refrigerants products in Europe. How many large-scale ammonia heat pumps does Mayekawa have in Europe?

Jan Boone:
We have over 150 installed compressors in Europe. Most of them are for industrial application. Who are the main end users for Mayekawa’s ammonia heat pumps?

Jan Boone: Mostly factories and production companies. Our ammonia heat pumps can also be used in residential buildings, but mostly in bigger buildings that require such capacity of industrial equipment. However, we are more and more using CO2 transcritical heat pumps in residential buildings in Europe. What are the major challenges Mayekawa meets in producing ammonia heat pumps in Europe?

Jan Boone:
In Japan, we produce products with much smaller cooling and heating capacity. In Europe, as consumers usually require larger capacity ammonia heat pumps like 1000 kW and sometimes even 2000 kW, we are producing bigger machines while applying the same concept used in small equipment produced in Japan. How do you evaluate the market for natural refrigerants and the market share of Mayekawa in Europe at present?

Jan Boone:
If we compare the present market to that 5 years ago, we see Mayekawa has a 150% increase in the production of CO2 and ammonia equipment and the number was only checked yesterday. We are now supplying 150% more products than last year in the European market. Does Mayekawa have plans to expand production range in Europe? What are the products?

Jan Boone:
We have continuous expansion plans. The priority of Mayekawa is of course ammonia and CO2 and then hydrocarbons in the European market. We have been already active on ammonia products production for 85 years, and CO2 and hydrocarbons systems for 40 years worldwide. In Europe, Mayekawa will continuously expand the production in all the fields. Mayekawa also aims to start production of equipment with air as refrigerant, mainly the Pascal Air technology in Europe. Does Mayekawa have any special strategy to promote the use of natural refrigerants in Europe?

Jan Boone:
We are trying to raise awareness for our products by participating in many conferences and seminars held in Europe as well as joining in many organizations. It is normal for Mayekawa to participate in 10 or more conferences or seminars per year in Europe. It is important to let the industry become aware of the possibilities of applications with natural refrigerants, which not only show the advantages in energy savings but also have a positive effect on the environment. What is Mayekawa’s target in terms of future market share of natural refrigerant products in the industrial sector in Europe?

Jan Boone:
We are one of the three market leaders in this field in the world. I suppose now our market share is 30-40%. As the development of our natural refrigerants technologies continues, and seeing the increase in old plants that need to upgrade their facilities, our market share in the industry sector will expand as well. Thank you for your insights.


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Dec 04, 2012, 11:37

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