HB Products: Oil level switch for industrial applications

By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 31, 2011, 10:43 1 minute reading

The perfect switch for oil management systems securing lubrication of compressors has been now added to the ammonia21.com product database. HB Product designed the HBSO for high and low pressure applications as well as for the detection of oil in separator and filter systems.

With the encouragement of Sabroe to develop a special sensor for industrial refrigeration applications, HB Products started it its today’s core activities in 1989. Based on these long-term experiences in the refrigeration industry, the Danish-based company has developed the HBSO oil level switch that secures lubrication of compressors for ammonia applications. As a reliable monitoring and control solution it can also detect oil in separators and filter systems.

The special advantage of the HB Products’ level switches compared to optical sensors is that they are free of maintenance, uninfluenced by oil coating and also uninfluenced by foam and splashing. In addition, the split design allows easy test and replacing of electronics without depressurising the system.

Basic Specifications:

The HSBO1 Oil Level Switch has the following main features:
  • Detects all types of oil
  • Maximum working pressure: 170 bar
  • Media temperature up to +100°C/+150°C (HT-type)
  • Unaffected by pressure, oil-foam, splashing and oil-coating
  • Full electronic sensor with no moving parts to secure long time operation
  • Split type for easy test and replacing of the electronic part
  • Reliable monitoring and control solution
About HB Products

HB Products provides custom designed sensors for almost any industrial application. The product range consists of liquid level sensors, motion and position sensors as well as temperature sensors. Its products are used in heat pumps, for oil level control on industrial plants, as level transmitters in waste and fresh water installations as well as for position and motion control on compressors and hydraulic cylinders. HB Products core competences secure trouble-free operating sensors during lifetime no matter which conditions they are exposed to.


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 31, 2011, 10:43

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