New series of high-pressure screw compressors from Mayekawa

By Sabine Lobnig, Apr 26, 2011, 10:29 2 minute reading

The expert in manufacturing highly reliable industrial refrigeration compressors has now developed a new series of oil injection type screw compressors. Mayekawa’s new GH series is designed for different natural refrigerants, including ammonia and features a special rotor profile for higher efficiency.

Building on over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing screw compressors as well as screw packages, Mayekawa has now launched the GH Series of high-pressure screw compressors also suitable for ammonia refrigerant.

Product details GH series

The oil injection type screw compressors series is capable of running continuously at a discharge pressure of 5,0 MPaG (50bar). By employing a special rotor profile the GH-series enables a highly efficient operation. The compressors are designed for various gases, including ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons helium and hydrogen.

All Mayekawa screw compressors are oil injected based on a male driven twin rotor set. Thanks to the patented rotor shapes, a high efficiency and COP can be achieved. In the new GH-series, Mayekawa is using forged steel for the rotors and tilting pads for the thrust bearings, that results in longer maintenance intervals and therefore lower running costs.

Basic technical and design specifications GH series

The 4 units of the series (160GHS, GH250S, GH250L, GH320S) range from:
  • 570kg to 5000kg in weight
  • 510mm to 1095mm in width
  • 1021 - 1938mm In length and
  • 510 - 970mm in height
  • Suction pressure: 0,55 to 3,0 MPaG (=up to 30bar)
  • Discharge pressure: 3,7 - 5,0 MPaG (=up to 50bar)
  • Max. allowable discharge temperature: 100°C
  • Applications: high pressure fuel gas supply to gas turbines, low temperature freezing systems on CO2 with defrost cycle etc.

Mayekawa’s commitment to the “Natural Five”

Actively addressing energy shortage and the global warming challenge, Mayekawa has shifted its focus towards the “natural five” refrigerants ammonia, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, water, and air. Mayekawa develops and manufactures a wide range of refrigeration systems that can be applied for heating, drying, hot water supplying, air conditioning, cooling, chilling and freezing covering a multitude of temperatures from -100°C to +200°C completely by “chemical refrigerant free” technology.

About Mayekawa (MYCOM)

MYCOM Mayekawa is the compressor brand of the leading Japanese compressor and refrigeration systems manufacturer Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1924 and since then has increased its market share to 70% from the Japanese industrial refrigeration market, and 30% from the world’s industrial refrigeration market. Now more than 25,000 MYCOM compressors are running in over 100 countries.


By Sabine Lobnig

Apr 26, 2011, 10:29

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