Amsterdam hosts the GCCA Trade Show and Workshops

By Sabine Lobnig, Jan 28, 2010, 12:39 2 minute reading will be attending the European Cold Chain Logistics Education Programme and Trade Show, hosted by the European division of the Global Cold Chain Alliance between 8 and 9 February 2010. Under the slogan “tomorrow’s answers today” the events will offer an enriching opportunity to learn and network with experts and leaders in the industry.

The 13th annual Cold Chain Logistics Education Programme will offer a host of interesting and insightful presentations from across the cold chain spectrum. The two day programme is packed with a variety of plenary sessions that will host the European Warehouse Council meeting. This will be an exclusive platform where Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) and European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) executives will discuss the future business terrains and industrial developments with a focus on individual countries.

Overall the event will host over 30 speakers and guests from Europe and the US. Within this programme the event will also include a variety of focus sessions that will look into:
  • Operation & Technology - where Ray Gluckman from Enviros UK will look at Carbon Savings and provide 37 recommendations.
  • Energy & Refrigeration - where Christianna Papazahariou of shecco will present on the Future regulations regarding energy and refrigerants.
  • Reducing Operational costs - here Judith Evans of RD & T, UK will focus on “raising the temperature of your cold store”.
  • HRM & Workers Safety - Anders Lindborg of the IIAR Sweden will look into risk management & workers safety with ammonia.
Trade show

A trade show, where suppliers from the various links in the cold chain such as suppliers and manufacturers but also consultancies and associations will exhibit their products and services, has been a tradition at the event and this year is no exception. This will offer a platform for an enhanced quality of networking.

The motivation behind this year's theme of `Tomorrow’s answers today; strengthen your business model by managing operational costs more effectively` was motivated by the challenges that the business environment in public refrigerated warehousing faces. “The multitude of new challenges...and a future that gets continually more difficult to predict. We know that our main costs like personnel and energy continue to rise in a time when volumes on the market are unstable and prices are mostly stagnant or dropping”, Robert McNamara, chairman of the GCCA council, stressed.


By Sabine Lobnig

Jan 28, 2010, 12:39

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